Nimme / Green Up

A stress-free planning process

Nimme, managed by Green Up GmbH, offers compact and environmentally friendly modular homes or “Tiny Houses”. Located in Vienna, Austria, the company serves customers across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. They provide a stress-free planning process, allowing customers to personalize their new home from four different sizes.

Nimme’s Tiny Houses are designed for a minimalist lifestyle, with simple structures, built-in furniture, and space for relaxation. They use sustainable materials and options like a green roof for additional insulation and integration with nature. The compact living space is optimized for comfort and functionality, promoting a lifestyle unburdened by excess possessions.

Nimme guides customers through the entire purchasing process, from model selection and production with sustainable materials, to delivery and set-up. These homes represent a practical solution for those seeking to save time and costs while enhancing their living comfort.

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Company NameGreen Up GmbH
HeadquartersWien, Austria
Areas servedAustria, Germany, Switzerland