Kontio is the biggest log house manufacturer in Europe. Since founding in 1970, they have built over 50’000 houses. From a classic Log House to the small garden house. They provide it all.

Strengths of Kontio:

  • A long experience in building wood homes
  • A very wide range of models in several styles.
  • A strong presence across Europe’s main markets

Why their products might not be a fit:

  • No tiny house available
  • Wood is gown in Finland. If you plan to build in Southern Europe, transport & energy costs might not be for you.
  • You don’t like Sauna (a lot of their model has one. For example the Glass House 70E)


  • Mostly pine tree wood houses
  • Trees are form Northern Finland
  • The Smart Log design makes houses air tight. But an additional isolation might be required.
  • Kontio has trademarked it own tree.