Prefabricated house under 50k EUR

We showcase the range of options and current trends in modern prefab homes under 50K euros by presenting you with a carefully curated selection.

15m2 by Add a Room


From 49,630 EUR

42m2 L-shaped

From 43,900 EUR

House 48

From 46,920 EUR
Nordic Plus by Ilumhouse

Nordic Plus

From 57,000 EUR
tini xs tiny mobile home

tini XS

From 33,500 EUR
Tiny D by Brette Haus

Tiny D

From 32,950 EUR


From 48,000 EUR
wahbi standard woodville

wahbi Standard

From 35,000 EUR

Venture into a realm of affordable elegance with our selection of houses priced below 50k EUR.

Meticulously curated to align with the demands of modern living on a budget, this collection embodies a seamless blend of style, functionality, and quality across various bedroom configurations.

These cost-effective houses offer a range of space solutions, making them an excellent choice for individuals or families of any size seeking a fusion of comfort and contemporary living without a steep price tag. The design aesthetics, balanced with practical layouts, make these homes a desirable choice for those yearning for a simplistic yet tasteful living environment.

The economical price point facilitates a smoother transition to homeownership, presenting a sustainable, low-maintenance housing option without compromising on comfort. Our selections showcase the possibility of enjoying superior quality and modern living, even with a modest budget.