Modular houses

This is a selection of the modular houses we have in our database. We are constantly adding new models.

Odyl House

ODYL House

From 130,800 EUR


From 30,900 EUR


Price on request

Rectangle S

From 19,900 EUR


From 17,300 EUR

42m2 L-shaped

From 43,900 EUR


Price on request


Price on request
wahbi standard woodville

wahbi Standard

From 35,000 EUR

Aurora 1205 C21

Price on request

small pole

From 69,500 EUR

small Small

From 53,500 EUR

small Medium

From 69,500 EUR


Price on request

Bordeaux luxury

Price on request

La Rochelle

Price on request

Modern Luxe

From 67,635 EUR


Price on request


Price on request

House 48

From 46,920 EUR

Dive into a realm of modern elegance with our editor’s picks of exceptional modular houses showcased.

Tailored to meet the demands of today’s lifestyles, this curated collection embodies a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and enduring quality across all bedroom sizes.

These modular houses offer a variety of spacious layouts, making them ideal for individuals or families of any size yearning for a mix of cozy and contemporary living. The modern design aesthetics, intertwined with practical layouts, make these homes a premier choice for those seeking a simplistic yet sophisticated living environment.

The modular framework ensures a smooth, hassle-free setup, offering a sustainable, low-maintenance housing solution without compromising on comfort. Our selections stand as a promise of superior quality, catering to diverse living needs with a touch of modern sophistication.