Prefabricated house under 100k EUR

We showcase the range of options and current trends in modern prefab homes under 100K euros by presenting you with a carefully curated selection.

15m2 by Add a Room


From 49,630 EUR
25m2 add a room

25 m2

From 65,700 EUR

42m2 L-shaped

From 43,900 EUR

Compact Cabin

From 63,800 EUR
Escape a17 offgrid solido

Escape A17 OffGrid

Price on request

House 124

From 81,440 EUR

House 48

From 46,920 EUR


From 67,100 EUR
Koshaus 53 by Vithaus

Koshaus 53

From 91,400 EUR

Modern Luxe

From 67,635 EUR

mohma Premium

From 76,500 EUR

Embark on a journey into modern elegance with our selection of remarkable prefabricated houses priced under 100k EUR.

Custom-designed to align with the demands of contemporary living without breaking the bank, this curated collection exemplifies a perfect blend of style, functionality, and enduring quality across a range of bedroom sizes.

These budget-friendly prefabricated houses provide versatile space solutions, making them a prime choice for individuals or families of any size who desire a blend of comfort and modern living without a hefty price tag. The contemporary design aesthetics coupled with practical layouts make these homes an attractive choice for those aspiring for a simplistic yet refined living environment.

The prefabricated nature guarantees a smooth, trouble-free setup, presenting a sustainable, low-maintenance housing alternative without sacrificing comfort. Our picks are a testament to superior quality, offering an affordable gateway to modern, sophisticated living.