Aito Log House

A true arctic product

Aito brings you a true arctic product. In their factory in Rovaniemi, Lapland, they process arctic lumbar to create traditional eco-friendly log houses. Aito has been building log houses for 15 years, and they’ve delivered and assembled houses in many countries including Finland, China, Germany, Austria, Japan, Netherlands, and Russia. They offer their services ‘across Europe and the World’.

Aito highlight the natural benefits of their timber including carbon storage, acoustic quality, thermal insulation, and peak temperature management. Their designs are typically spacious, grand, and overtly Scandinavian. Their houses are designed for thermal comfort, cost-effective heating and to withstand the harsh conditions of the arctic circle, so their insulation standards are superior to requirements anywhere else in Europe.

Though their models are luxurious, Aito has created a few smaller more affordable options, with the most compact being the 64m2 Tieva two-bedroom log house. It’s a work of art all the same, but more suited to a smaller plot, or to the creation of a group of houses. The largest of their luxury models is the palacious Helios at 656m2, or you could opt for their model with the indoor swimming pool. They also offer custom design houses, though, from Aitos catalog of models, most people would pick out their favorite and simply ask for a few adaptations in order to fine-tune to their taste.

Their basic building materials are squared laminated log, and non-settling log, both of which are produced in their factory, to various sizes to fit the project. They are all CE and PEFC certified. The non-settling log is a relatively recent innovation that allows designers to more easily create mixed material facades, and taller structures, as the timber will not settle over time.

Aito offers assembly on-site, and foundation oversight through their network of construction partners. They offer a Do-It-Yourself option, supplying a full set of plans for those who are competent and willing to take it on themselves. The non-settling log is more stable, and therefore may be better suited to self-builders.

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Company NameAito Log House
Headquarters Rovaniemi, Finland
Founded in2007
Areas servedEurope, Worldwide