Add a room

Individual modules for use as a holiday home

Since 2010 Add a Room has sent 60 of its modules to a total of 40 projects. The concept is to provide an individual module or modules as required for use as a holiday home, an extension to an existing home, a tiny house, or a summer house. The modules are available in 5 sizes ranging from 10m2 to 30m2. The modules can be joined together, or placed in an open space to allow for more interaction with the external environment.

On their website the ‘internal options’ and ‘external options’ sections allow you to play with the configuration of the modules and ponder the possibilities for your circumstances. Their online builder allows you to mess about with their various parameters and create something to share and ponder as you develop the concept with your family or other collaborators.

The houses are designed to meet Swedish and Danish standards. As the designs are complete, it is easy to present them to your local planning consultant, but you can be confident that the designs will be acceptable to Building Control in all European countries, and though planning permission is obviously subject to location-specific policies, the existing design of Add a Room also makes these conversations with your local planning department more straightforward.

The exterior of the modules does not need to be painted and can be allowed to gently turn a classic grey color.

Add a Room offer a turnkey service including building permits, and contractors to install foundations and all aspects to completion such as services. This makes it a great option for those who want to explore what aspects they can complete themselves, or whether it’s more economical in the end to deal with just Add a Room as the principal contractor.

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Company NameAdd a Room
HeadquartersSkjern, Denmark
Founded in2010
Areas servedEurope, Trans-Atlantic deliveries offered, but more affordable shipping within Europe