Trustworthy. Uncompromising. High Quality. Long-lasting beauty and functionality.

These are the pillars of Finnlamelli’s log house and log cabin collections. Their houses are beautifully crafted, high-end, high-quality, turnkey solutions, prefabricated in their factory in Alajärvi, Finland. Their log cabin kits can be shipped anywhere and installed by the Finnlamelli team or your own construction team. They use laminated timber made with Finnish lumber, using either their own Lamelli profile with thin seams or the Classic profile with thicker more visible seems.

Finnlamelli pride themselves for their innovation and strive to lead the log house industry in terms of quality of product and service. They’re also keen to emphasise the ease of customisation, whilst offering around 60 designs in their log house collection and a further 21 designs in the log cabin collection, which also look like beautiful log houses, just slightly smaller.

Strengths of Finnlamelli:

Finnlamelli has European Technical Approval for their lamelli and classic laminated timber, so they can apply the CE mark to their log house building kits. This marking is achieved by demonstrating how their product meets certain European standards regarding safety and health, including load-bearing capacity and how it performs in the longer-term.

They offer a 10 year guarantee on their structures. This is fairly standard across the log house industry, but it’s worth highlighting as it’s typical of Finnlamellis well organised, and well certified approach, which all makes it easier for you to get planning permission, building control approval, and insurance, wherever you are.

As part of the DEN group Finnlamelli has about as much experience as you could hope for in manufacturing and shipping log houses and cabins. Finnlamelli itself has 30 years of experience, and as a large-scale operation with business pedigree they are able to take on larger commercial orders, and domestic orders with ease. Place your order with confidence.

Health benefits such as clean air and thermal comfort are a key part of Finnlamellis offering, and they are clearly driven to reduce environmental impact where they can. By their nature, timber houses have a small carbon footprint, but Finnlamelli are actively innovating to be a positive leader in their market.

Why their products might not be a good fit:

These are high-end products. They are beautiful, and great value for money, but not budget end by any means. Here, you really pay for quality, and if your priority is to build on a budget Finnlamelli may be good for design ideas only.

The Finnlamelli range really should be put together onsite by Finnlamelli installers. Although, the components are designed to go together easily, their team work with their materials, joints, designs, all the time, and so there is no doubt that no-one will put it together better than they will. If you’re looking for a self-build frame, this is not for you.



Finnlamellis timber is certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) which is an international forest certification system promoting sustainable forestry around the globe.

The concept of a log house, or other timber construction, lends itself to reduced carbon footprint, and reduced impact on the environment. Finnlamelli actively addresses this, and they are proud that choosing a Finnlamelli house is a positive choice for the environment, as the heavy timber construction is a short-term carbon sink, that locks away carbon for the duration of the house, which should be for hundreds of years.

A major environmental impact of construction is the demolition and replacement of buildings but it’s hard to imagine a Finnlamelli house falling out of fashion, or becoming uninhabitable. They are built to last, and they are designed with high-quality construction detail to that end. This makes them excellent value for money in the long run, but also very environmentally friendly.

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Company NameFinnlamelli
HeadquartersAlajärvi, Finland
Areas servedWorldwide
Employeesover 101