Redefining the concept and production of prefabricated homes

Woodville is a pioneering company that seeks to redefine the concept and production of prefabricated homes. Based in Zizur Mayor – Navarra, Spain, this small yet ambitious team is driven by the mission to create spaces that are not only comfortable and unique but also ecological, healthy, and sustainable. The company’s prefabricated wooden homes are designed with flexibility and personalization at the forefront. Homeowners are encouraged to combine heights and modules to create a unique living space, tailoring it according to their needs. Woodville’s homes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally insulating and durable, thanks to the use of high-quality wood. Woodville is a staunch advocate for sustainability. The materials used in their homes come from sustainable and nearby plantations, certified by PEFC and FSC, thereby contributing to environmental conservation. The company also emphasizes energy efficiency, with the design of their eco-friendly homes reducing energy consumption by up to 90%. Furthermore, the homes are designed to be 100% self-sufficient, allowing homeowners to generate their own resources for energy and water while managing their waste, living in harmony with nature. By offering a unique, innovative, and sustainable style of homes designed by one of Spain’s most recognized architects, Woodville is committed to providing quality without compromising on the health of people and the planet. With Woodville, homeowners can enjoy a high-quality, eco-friendly home that leaves no environmental footprint.

Woodville logo
Company NameWoodville
HeadquartersZizur Mayor - Navarra, Spain
Employees1 - 10