Compact Living has been producing houses for more than 15 years, and have completed more than 1000 projects to date. They deliver turnkey modular houses all over the world, and also their Teo modular system, and the Element system. They have the vision to make it efficient and affordable to builders on a large scale, but their system still has room for compact and personalized projects.

Make your modular Q Haus by combining 3x6m Teo system modules, or purchase a turnkey off-the-shelf Cliff house or Corner house, or if you’re building a minimum of 5 houses you could purchase their Element houses, in which entire elements are produced under factory conditions. The minimum of 5 Element houses per order, is because of the investment in templates and workspace set up required for factory production of the elements.

Cliff and Corner houses are already completely designed, and ready to order, with the promise of two months from order to delivery. The Cliff house is a single-story house consisting of 2 modules that are seamlessly brought together, creating an internal space of 73m2.

The Corner house is more typically used as a garden room or home office, sauna, or gym as an addition to an existing house. The corner house stands out from its competitors in that its floor plan is triangular, so that it opens out into the garden, maximizing the infiltration of natural light, with a shower and toilet tucked into the 90degree angle. Corner houses can be placed immediately next to each other to create a community of holiday units facing away from each other for enhanced privacy.