Klein HAUS

Embracing simplicity without compromising on comfort

Klein HAUS is a Dutch company specializing in the design and construction of modern, affordable tiny houses. Their business ethos is about embracing simplicity without compromising on comfort or functionality. The company provides fully finished models, ready for installation, embodying the charm of minimalistic living.

Each Klein HAUS model comes with a modern kitchen or pantry, a bathroom with a toilet, and high-quality interior finishes. The thoughtful design includes sliding doors to make optimal use of the interior space. The company also emphasizes its commitment to aesthetic appeal, incorporating stylish façade cladding made from fibre cement with thermowood.

Klein HAUS is dedicated to “building for the future,” offering small living spaces at reasonable prices with no frills – a reflection of their straightforward style and approach. They offer a turnkey delivery model, which means the houses are ready to move into as soon as they’re installed. With shipping times ranging from 6 to 10 weeks, they offer international delivery, making their products accessible to customers around the world.

klein haus logo
Company NameKlein HAUS
Headquarters Tilburg, Netherlands