Norge Haus

Flexibility allowing for the realization of unique home projects

Norge House is a Latvian company specializing in the manufacturing of timber frame houses. Developed in partnership with Scandinavian companies, Norge House leverages their experience and quality control measures to produce durable and efficient houses. The company’s products adhere to established Scandinavian and European standards commonly used in timber frame construction.

In addition to manufacturing, Norge House works with internationally recognized design companies to provide both ready-made and customized design solutions. This flexibility in design caters to a broad range of customer needs, allowing for the realization of unique home projects.

By continuously refining its design technology, Norge House maintains its competitive edge in the market. The company’s houses, similar to those built in Scandinavia for centuries, are known for their longevity and energy efficiency. Currently, Norge House is expanding its presence in Europe, offering its high-quality products to a wider market.

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HeadquartersRiga, Latvia