Polar Life Haus

Energy-efficient homes

Passion Houses, based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializes in the design and creation of custom, prefabricated modular homes. These homes are not only built to last with sturdy structures and energy-efficient features but also exhibit meticulous attention to aesthetic details.

The company stands out for its innovative “Smart Home” technology, which simplifies daily living by automating essential home functions. This innovation has earned Passion Houses several prestigious awards, including “The Best Prefab House of the Year”.

With a commitment to fast delivery and an easy installation process, Passion Houses offers a comprehensive and convenient solution for modern living. Their global presence, with offices across continents, reflects the company’s widespread appeal. In essence, Passion Houses is a testament to quality, innovation, and customer-centric design in the realm of modular housing.

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Company NamePolar Life Haus
HeadquartersRitola, Finland
Founded in1907