CMB Housing Solutions

At the forefront of energy-efficient housing production

CMB Housing Solutions, headquartered in Riga, Latia, is at the forefront of energy-efficient housing production and design. Their unique team of engineers combines the high standards of energy efficiency expected of passive houses with the ecological and aesthetic appeal of wooden homes.

One of the distinguishing features of their projects is exceptional energy efficiency indicators, a value they believe will be the future standard. As a testament to this commitment, their designs adhere to the guidelines of the Passive House Institute, recognized as the pinnacle of standards in the field of energy efficiency.

At CMB Housing Solutions, the production of their constructions is industrialized, resulting in a swift and considered construction process. These constructions consume only 12kWh/m² per year of thermal energy. Moreover, they ensure a stable temperature, optimal humidity, and ventilation with heat recovery for an outstanding microclimate in their homes.

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Company NameCMB Housing Solutions LTD
HeadquartersRiga, Latvia