Tiny Green Home

Quality, flexibility, and design

Tiny Green Home, based in Möhnesee, Germany, offers innovative and eco-friendly housing solutions including Tiny Houses, container houses, and modular homes. Their homes adapt to the lifestyle of residents, and due to their transportability, they provide a versatile solution to space scarcity in urban areas.

A key focus of Tiny Green Home is sustainability. Their compact homes, often no more than 30 square meters, result in lower CO2 emissions. Many homes are designed to function with minimal reliance on external electricity or water connections, with features such as solar cells and compost toilets to reduce environmental impact.

Tiny Green Home’s modular houses stand out for their quality, flexibility, and design. They offer a wide range of floor plans and materials, allowing customers to build a dream home in a short time and at a competitive price. From small weekend homes to spacious family residences, there’s a perfect modular house for every need. With their energy-efficient construction and potential for integrating renewable energy, these houses are an environmentally conscious choice.

Discover the future of living with Tiny Green Home, a company that perfectly blends quality, flexibility, design, and environmental consciousness.

Company NameTiny Green Home
HeadquartersMöhnesee, Germany