Schwoerer Haus

A massive operation

Schwoerer Haus headquarters and six other fabrication units are based in Germany but their outlook is distinctly multi-national, and their country-specific websites reflect their scope and experience of delivering turnkey housebuilds across Europe. They have website versions for their markets in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK, with the Swiss website in Swiss German.

It is a massive operation, and the website is an efficient and well-organized starting point for your housebuilding journey. A range of ‘special offer houses’ are advertised from 196K Euros for a house with a floor area of 55m2. This is very competitive on the turnkey market, and gives some indication of what your financial expectations should be.

Flying spaces are a major part of Schwoerers offering, which are defined ‘high quality modules at a fixed price’ which can be dropped into your garden, such as luxury or play spaces, home offices or extra space for guests.

Strengths of Schwoerer Haus KG:

Schwoerer have a wide range of standard house designs that can be adapted, including apartment buildings. They have carefully thought out designs to meet specific household needs, including a range called LifePhasesHouse that is aimed at arranging homes so that older relatives are able to live independently within the family environment.

The young family home range is built in collaboration with IKEA Germany and Zuhaus Wohnen design magazine. This is the complete creation of a new family home including furniture, so you can make your choices, and wait for the call to collect your keys. It’s a holistic concept that allows young families with little free time to move effortlessly into a new purpose built family space, enjoying the excitement, without the logistical stress of moving or sourcing furniture.

The Flying Spaces Catalogue actually uses the term ‘Tiny Houses’, which alerts us to the possibility of a budget option. If the space is sufficient, this could offer a great turnkey solution either as a budget housebuild, or as the living space on site whilst you focus on self building the main family home, and thereafter use this as homeoffice, play or guest space.

They also offer a modernisation service, highlighting the use of pre-fabrication to reduce work on site. This presents an opportunity to engage them in more diverse renovation projects, but the exciting thing here is that once they’ve built your beautiful home and a few years have passed, they would be perfectly placed to re-engage and deliver any modifications to suit your changing household requirements, such as an extra bedroom or additional living area. Most housebuilders, and particularly prefabrication brands, would not offer this possibility.

Included are 5 years of free aftersales service in line with the German civil code, and 2 years of repair for services such as electricity and plumbing.


Why their products might not be a good fit:

Schwoerer offers an amazing range of beautifully finished turnkey products. If you’re a self-builder or budding DIYer, you will find that there is very little left for you to do, other than the garden. They advertise that you can take on services installation yourself, but surely if you’re capable and keen to take on the services surely you’d also be capable and keen to take on other less challenging aspects of insulating and fitting out internally.



Sustainability, good design and high quality, are consistently the main themes in the companys messaging. The use of timber in prefabrication naturally lends itself to reduced environmental impact, but clearly Schwoerer are much more deeply engaged with sustainability throughout company processes and operations. An excellent option for your turnkey house.


Schwoerer have an impressive collection of certifications relating to sustainable business management and construction methodology, clearly showing their commitment to be a positive company. They have a long history of sustainable construction, with 20 years of Environmental Management System (EMAS). They have been certified climate-neutral since 2021, and they’ve been given awards for environmental innovation including the Ecology Cube for the Schoner Wohnen House Mono.

It has certifications from the Healthy Buildings Institut/ Sentinel Haus Institut, and also for their outstanding employment protection system, from AMS BAU. In addition, they boast various quality-related certifications, forestry and materials compliance such as European Technical Approval.

Schwörer Haus
Company NameSchwörerHaus KG
HeadquartersHohenstein/Oberstetten, Germany
Founded in1960
Homes built420
Areas servedEurope
Employeesover 101