Taking pride in offering custom-made wooden houses

Palmatin Ltd, a seasoned producer of wooden and prefabricated houses, is headquartered in Rannamõisa, Estonia and has been in operation since 1995. The company takes pride in offering custom-made wooden houses with a 100% quality guarantee, a testament to their commitment to excellence. To date, they have built 4424 homes, demonstrating their capacity and reliability.

Palmatin distinguishes itself by its eco-friendly approach, with a 100% renewable energy certification and the use of Northern wood, either from pine or spruce, to ensure high product quality. The company offers solid and Glulam timber for their houses, representing their commitment to durable and sustainable living environments.

Boasting a wide range of products and services, Palmatin provides 34 different log profiles and 4 types of connections, with the option for complex roof structures to be made as “Pre-Cut” wooden frame walls. The company also utilizes modern production equipment and technology, allowing for the creation of complex connections and ensuring a steady high quality.

Palmatin logo
Company NamePalmatin Ltd
HeadquartersRannamõisa, Estonia
Founded in1995
Homes built3856
Areas servedWorldwide