Each module is fully equipped with floors, walls, roofs

Akso-Haus OÜ is an esteemed manufacturer of modular houses based in Harjumaa, Estonia. The company has been in operation since 2004, demonstrating a strong and enduring presence in the construction industry.

The company stands out for its unique approach to modular house construction. Akso-Haus modules are entirely produced in the factory, even including a concrete foundation with connection points for utilities. This end-to-end manufacturing process ensures maximum quality and adherence to deadlines, as the construction activity is not affected by weather conditions.

A distinguishing factor of Akso-Haus houses is the comprehensive nature of their pre-fabrication. Exiting the factory, each module is fully equipped with floors, walls, roofs, and even the necessary installations for a beautiful home, ranging from tiled floors and lamps to water floor heating and tiled bathrooms. Unlike element houses where all elements are assembled on-site, adding considerable time to the assembly and being subject to weather conditions, Akso-Haus’ technology involves the foundation also being constructed in the factory, resulting in a faster and simpler installation process.

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Company NameAkso-Haus OÜ
HeadquartersHarjumaa, Estonia
Founded in2004